Dana Divine

November 07, 2023 - 43 views

At the very first note, it's evident that Dana Divine's music is nothing short of extraordinary. As a Billboard-charting artist, Dana has an uncanny ability to craft hit songs that resonate deeply with listeners. Her music is a powerful blend of poignancy, thought-provoking themes, and groundbreaking creativity.

Dana Divine is a true Renaissance artist, taking charge of every aspect of her craft. Not only does she write and perform her own music, but she also lends her talents to producing acclaimed television shows. With an impressive decade-long tenure as a radio personality for I-Heart Media's WGCI 107.5FM, the leading radio station in Chicago, Dana has become a household name in the world of radio.

Her voice has reached over 200 countries as the weekday morning show host for Urban Praise Radio.Org. Today, she continues to captivate audiences with her Saturday morning radio show on the iconic WVON, and her self-produced Sunday School Jams morning show, streamed worldwide on JAM98.

Dana Divine's journey as an independent record label owner is driven by a profound mission - to create music that empowers and transforms the minds and lives of youth worldwide. With a career that initially revolved around dance and house music, Dana has evolved to pioneer her distinctive brand of Gospel House.

Her musical collaborations read like a who's-who of industry legends, including Grammy winners like Maurice Joshua and Roger Sanchez, as well as A-list producers Angel Moraes and Terry Hunter. She's shared the stage with the likes of R. Kelly, Will Smith, and Billy Ocean, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Dana Divine's discography boasts over 32 independent projects, each one a testament to her boundless creativity and genre-spanning talent. Her hit single "Turn It Up" dominated both the Billboard and Music Week Dance Charts, solidifying her status as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Dana's contributions go beyond the studio, with her creation of the globally adored Christian line dance, "The Gospel Slide," and her authorship of the iconic House Music anthem, "Brighter Days." Her music has touched the hearts of millions, transcending borders and bringing people together.

Through innovative integration of technology, Dana Divine's track "Runnin'" found its way onto Sony's Playstation 2 music soundtrack and became one of Nokia's earliest available ringtones. Her ability to seamlessly blend technology and artistry sets her apart in the industry.

With her latest offering, "Lifeline," Dana Divine weaves together all her musical influences - Gospel, House, Steppin, R&P (Rhythm and Praise), and Hip Hop - to tell her story. From the deeply personal tracks like "Lifeline" and "For You," penned in the emergency room with loved ones, to the thought-provoking "Where Is God?" featuring Holy Hip Hop's award-winning MC BreevEazie, Dana touches on universal experiences that resonate with us all.

For fans of dance music, tracks like "I Love the Lord," "It's Not Too Late," and "Leanin' on the Rock" will be a source of joy. Steppers will find their groove with "All I Ever Need Is You" and "WWWJD." Each song is a celebration of Dana Divine's innovative approach to praise and worship.

Get to know Dana Divine. Immerse yourself in her music. For more about this remarkable artist, visit:

Website: [www.danadivine.info](www.danadivine.info)

Facebook: [www.facebook.com/danadivine](www.facebook.com/danadivine)

Instagram & Twitter: @msdanadivine


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