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April 17, 2023 - 509 views
“The Best of the 90s with MC Marcus Chapman” is a weekly radio show described as “2 hours of the best R&B, hip-hop, and fun memories” from the '90s. The show includes special features like: 
“The Soundtrack Jam of the Week” 
“The Remix of the Week” 
“The Artist Collaboration of the Week”
“The Back-to-Back Artist of the Week, and
“The ‘90s Triple Play" of 3 songs in a row from a particular year of the decade.
The show is hosted, produced, and programmed by MC Marcus Chapman; a Chicago native, veteran radio personality, music historian, author, and screenwriter. Since 2015 Chapman has been best known for sharing his music knowledge as an on screen contributor in over 20 episodes of the TV One documentary series "Unsung" and "Unsung Hollywood"; including shows on '90s artists like SWV, Tupac, Jagged Edge, After 7, and Case. He stated that "the concept of 'The Best of the 90s' is to bring the kind of energy you heard on urban radio back in the day and combine it with modern sensibility. This includes playing the classic hits, the forgotten hits that don't get as much attention as they did when they were out, and snippets of interviews with some of the artists about the songs they made. It also means giving people a chance to express their opinions on different things from the '90s through technology that didn't exist back then like social media in our Facebook group that’s named after the show. We even do special shows for Black History Month and Black Music Month that highlight individual years of the 90s, as well as Women’s History Month where we salute the ladies of ‘90s R&B and Hip-Hop. Overall it’s a fun show that helps people feel young again for a couple of hours and educates those who are too young to remember that time.“
"The Best of the 90s with MC Marcus Chapman” airs on Jam 98 every Saturday from 5 to 7 pm Central Time.


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